Moncton NB

Moncton is located at the hub of the Maritime provinces in Canada. This strategic geographic position in the centre of the Atlantic Trade Gateway has helped the region become a transportation and distribution hub for road, rail and air cargo. Advanced transportation infrastructure combined with a competitive cost environment has supported the growth of the region’s manufacturing, retail, tourism and service sectors. []

Moncton Overview

  • The Great Moncton region boasts the largest number of bilingual citizens in Atlantic Canada
  • The influx of people in Moncton is the largest among cities in Atlantic Canada and its population growth is the highest east of Ontario
  • Estimated population of Greater Moncton as of December 31st, 2014 (Stats Can) is 146,100 which represents 1.4% Average Annual Growth Rate since 2011

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The Retail Market

  • Due to its location, the Greater Moncton Area is at the centre of the largest retails market in Atlantic Canada
  • Within three hours driving time there are over 1.5 million consumers, representing over 11 billion dollars in retail sales